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que yo sepa la manera clasica de comer pancita (trippa) en Italia es como sopa, "alla parmigiana" es muy tipico, a pesar de que a mucha gente no le gusta la pancita en general, pero se encuentra bastante facilmente en los mercados y me imagino que alguien se la va a comer. Hay otra forma de comer pancita de ternera en Roma, con pasta, le dicen "rigatoni con la pajata", pero nunca he los he probado.

Of course, these days it's just as easy to make menudo from things like canned hominy (a/k/a posole) and the pre-cleaned tripe you find in grocery stores, but the soup still takes about two hours to cook. And it's even better if you can freeze it and heat it up the next day -- trust me on this. But if you're aren't up for a marathon menudo-making session at home, I can now wholeheartedly recommend La Mex as a great destination for the breakfast food along with another Houston favorite, Pico's Mex-Mex in Bellaire .

Menudo is often served for breakfast on New Year's Day, as some people say that it can help cure the aftereffects of overindulging on alcohol. Dehydration is one of the common side effects of drinking too much alcohol and is responsible for some of the symptoms of a hangover. This means that even if a bowl of menudo in the morning doesn't happen to cure your hangover, it may help relieve some of the symptoms since it will help rehydrate you.

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Menudo - If You're Not Here (By My Side) / That's What You DoMenudo - If You're Not Here (By My Side) / That's What You DoMenudo - If You're Not Here (By My Side) / That's What You DoMenudo - If You're Not Here (By My Side) / That's What You Do